Head Teacher – Mrs J New

Assistant Head Teachers
Mrs E Peksyzc -  KS2 Lead - (Safeguarding)
Mrs K Tatford -  KS1 Lead
Miss S Giles  -  Foundation Lead

Teaching Staff
Dolphins – Mrs Ficuciello / Mrs Webb
Turtles -  Miss S Giles  -  Foundation Leader

Year 1
Polar Bears - Mrs K Tatford  -  KS1 Leader
Giant Pandas – Miss R Scott

Year 2
Snow Leopards – Mrs Cole
Jaguars – Mrs M Palmer

Year 3
Tigers – Mrs N Milward
Lions – Mrs K Wallis

Year 4
Rhinos - Miss A Edwards
Elephants - Mrs Groves / Mrs Steele

Teaching Assistants

- Mrs C Davis  / Mrs M Long /  Mrs H Palmer

Key Stage 1 -  Mrs S Horton / Mrs M Howard / Mrs Y Barber / Mrs L Bullen / Mrs T Luik

Key Stage 2  –   / Mrs L Degnan / Mrs L Misson  / Mrs S Hunt / Mrs C Platt / Mrs A Crittenden

Senior TA
Mrs C Davis (Foundation)
Mrs A Mackey (Release and Intervention)

ICT Technician – Mr N Yates
School Caretaker – Mrs C Edwards

Office Staff
School Manager – Mrs J Pereira
School Secretary – Mrs J Evans
Office Assistant – Mrs K Smith

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For general inquiries please contact Mrs Evans at the school office.
[email protected] 
Tel: 01525 755444

For inquiries regarding a child please contact the class teacher or Key Stage leader.

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